A blog dedicated to the birth

Birth 3.0, or the world of birth as seen by Maïtie Trelaün

The art of giving birth today: answers on the great stages of maternity; from the desire to have a child to his first steps, through birth.

The child to be born

From the child plan to the birth plan: triumph on every step of this journey.

Being born as a woman

Living the cycle of maternity and joyfully savouring this new maternal dimension.

Father of today

Being a guardian and embracing the full dimension of Man to better support Life.

Heart of a midwife

Stepping aside to let the birth unfold, allowing everyone to find his proper place.

My last articles

  • placenta-6

    The placenta or Tree of life

    The placenta is a true organ of the baby during his intra-uterine life. It is what keeps him alive and what transforms the body of his mother. Yet, we do not seem to really pay attention to it… What if it deserved to step out...

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  • Le père

    What man for what father in maternity?

    Men have entered maternity through the medical door. The placement of the father in the front row of maternity is only so recent. It is a great step in the history of Mankind, and it can be an impulse for a wonderful turning point in...

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  • femme-enceinte-rouge

    Coming back to birth

    Today, on Christmas Day 2015, as the moon brightly shines its fullness in the clear sky, I feel something powerful rising in me. I have studied the art of birth for more than 30 years as a mid-wife, and I have turned to the art...

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About the website

The call of desire - before the conception

The period before the conception may not always be easy to live: how to adapt, position or prepare yourself to the wait and the unexpected? You are provided with clues, keys and reflexions in order to go through this delicate period that Maïtie calls “before seeding”.

All along pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great transformation for the woman, and this is true for all of her systems. She has to let go of her bearings, her beliefs… in order to open up to something new. It is not always easy. Maïtie will bring you practical tools, answers to your questions, so that you can embrace this process with confidence and autonomy.

The swell of childbirth

How to experience childbirth with simplicity? Maïtie opens a new way, making childbirth possible wherever it occurs, by bringing the father to play a central role in the process.

The times following childbirth

So many things happen during these sensitive times, experienced sometimes with doubt and loneliness. Maïtie invites you to parent school, so that you can fully understand what your child teaches you.


Trainings and conferences

Maïtie gives conferences and organizes workshops during international congresses. She is also a speaker during more specific trainings, whether for parents or childbirth professionals.
Her specialty is physiology.

Digital products

In audio or video, Maïtie offers online support in order to help you find your bearings, to create the link with your child, to grow in confidence, to fully take your place, to affirm yourself and to fully be an actor of this period in your life. The digital format allows you to access the materials at any time, and come back to them as often as necessary.

Therapeutic Coaching

These meetings are done individually or in couple, and they are a complement to the medical management and childbirth classes you may already have. They explore an individual approach of therapeutic coaching in order to optimize your resources, solve problems and transform your fears.
Meeting(s) can be done over the phone, through Skype or in-person.


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