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About Metamorphose Birth

Welcome to the Metamorphose Birth blog by Maïtie, a space dedicated to maternity, bringing you support in every step of this transformation that goes from the desire for a child to his first steps in this world, through advice, reflective articles and trainings.


maitie-revient My passion for childbirth is calling me again today. I’ve experienced it throughout 30 inspiring years as a midwife, but also as a mother. Today, I come back to childbirth changed, enriched by these past 10 years spent helping women to give birth to themselves through self-fulfillment and the support programs we brought to couples.

Elaborated with my partner Fabien, these programs aim at making the couple a living duo.

It is therefore not a come back, but a continuity. I return with more power, more confidence and new tools.


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Who is Metamorphose Birth for ?

To all those concerned by birth, whether

  • parent or future paren
  • man or woman
  • single or in couple
  • mid-wife or mid-wife trainee
  • parenting professional or volunteer

To all those who want to

  • contribute to the evolution of the world of childbirth
  • experience childbirth in all its simplicity and dignity
  • allow the physiology to take priority over the pathology
  • support fathers in their presence as Men
  • welcome the new-born in all awareness


The great steps in the maternity cycle

The maternity cycle begins when the woman or the man opens to the desire to have a child. Its culminating point is childbirth, and it ends when the child takes his first steps, encouraging his mother to go back to the Woman she is.


From desidésir-d-enfantre to the first signs (or winter of the cycle)

With all the difficulties and unforeseen developments that a couple can encounter before or after conception until pregnancy becomes a reality.


Pregnancy (or spring of the cycle)


With all its transformations, whether in the body, heart and mind.
It’s the shift from woman to mother. All these changes in habits and rhythm allow to make room for this child who is taking
form and who remains to be discovered.



le-temps-de-naitreThe time of childbirth (or summer of the cycle)

It is this period of time that hangs between before and after. A page turns with
childbirth, and this transformation occurs in record time, whether for the mother or the child… It is a time of great vulnerability.

Progression towards autonomy (or autumn of the cycle)adorable three month old baby

After a necessary period of fusion, the child opens up to the world, at his own pace, overturning everyone around him and questioning all beliefs and preconceived ideas. He calls for everyone to go back to the essentials.


You will find here

The shows

« Le Temps d’un Thé », during which Maïtie answers a question in link with this time of maternity. They are in a short audio format (13 minutes), and therefore easy to listen to.

Articles including

  • Webinars where Maïtie elaborates on a topic she holds to heart. If you are present during the Live session, you will be able to ask questions live. In order to keep informed on dates, register to this blog and receive the F&M newsletter.
  • Interviews with people working in the field of parenting and childbirth that Maïtie wants you to discover.
  • Articles written by Maïtie that bring you food for thought, key information and practical tools.
  • Book reviews to guide and support you throughout your maternity.

Services offered by Maïtie include

  • The books and e-books that she wrote
  • The digital support content she created for you
  • The in-person courses and trainings offered in France and abroad
  • The personalized follow-up during which you can always contact her

My goal

  • Contribute to the improvement of childbirth conditions, in order to allow our children to be welcomed in all their human dignity by a father and a mother who are fully present and aware of their choices.
  • Share the results of my research and experience with mid-wifes and other professionals

In concrete terms, through this blog, I hope to :

  • Support you in the accomplishment and achievement of your parental project and childbirth wishes
  • Give you means, dear Gentlemen, to be present as a Man
  • Provide practical tools for a simple childbirth
  • Advise you on your choices during pregnancy
  • Help you find yourself again after all that
  • If you are a professional : provide you with self-management skills and know-how to thrive in your profession and fully participate in the emergence of physiological childbirth

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