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Who am I ?


Maïtie Trélaün



physiology specialist



I am a coach and a therapist, mid-wife, Woman, mother, partner and I am passionate about the world of Birth, whether the birth of our children (these new beings we bring into the world) or our own birth, through the pathway we take.

My steps have always followed a direction that is bigger than myself: contribute so that Little Men are welcomed on Earth with respect and dignity, by a father and a mother who are fully Man and Woman, radiating in their individual fulfillment as well as in the harmony of their couple.

This river guiding me

My guiding thread is the river of the Living (this is how I call physiology) that flows in all beings, and that guides my steps, consciously or unconsciously.

Allow all Little Men to be welcomed in dignity and respect.

I followed my body’s wish to get acquainted with dancing in its multiple expressions, gathering elements that allowed me to freely express myself to the world.

I went to the source of the river by assisting with childbirth as a mid-wife, forever searching for more accuracy and presence in order to allow the power of childbirth to express itself through the woman’s body.

Listening to my heart, I left the maternities to assist couples in the familiar environment of their home, in order to experience the consecration of childbirth in all its simplicity and humility. I became aware that birth was part of life and family, even if my position as a mid-wife forces me to distinguish the familial from the medical.

My passions for dancing and childbirth have allowed me to meet women all through their lives. This is how I have reached the idea of the Cycle of the Woman: everything that I was experiencing then found its meaning, as the cycle is the center of everything. It is the expression of Life.

Being curious, I set to get to know the cycle of maternity, and realized how missing this notion is from the care we offer. This cycle brings beacons that allow the woman to abandon herself in motherhood, without setting herself aside.

This is what brings me back towards birth, not solely as a mid-wife, but as a Woman enriched by her knowledge as a mid-wife and her skills as a therapeutic coach. It is this added-value I want to share.

After the daring accomplishment of successfully bringing the cycle of maternity back into the center of the Woman in her everyday life and work, I am now entering the odyssey of childbirth, aiming at contributing to its nobility. But it cannot be done without you, because I cannot do anything if you do not embark on this odyssey with me.

I can then realize what I have always aspired to: allowing the Little Man to be welcomed with dignity and respect. I have reached that goal already, with the births I was honored to assist with. However, that was in my own small way, only within the perimeter I could personally cover. Today, the world opens its doors to me, and even if it is intimidating, I deploy my wings to reach my own true amplitude. I became aware that couples did not need my presence to feel this. They only need to trust themselves and open up to what is there. In that, my words or images, whatever their form, can bring them support.

I am well established in the international French-speaking landscape, yet the English-speaking world calls me. It would give me the opportunity to assert my specificity even further, and to meet other women and mid-wives working towards that.


 Scraps of what sculpted me

For the readers who would like to know more about my training, I would say that I have learned from what life offered, throughout all these years.


  • I have given birth to 2 children: Aurélien, born in 1989, and Nina, born in 1991.
  • I have been Serge Folie’s life partner for 28 inspiring and personally enriching years.
  • I am Fabien Roussel’s life partner, with whom I have created F&M: a whole world of personal evolution and innovative education.


  • I have taught dancing from 1972 to 2014 without interruption, more out of passion than out of professional ambition. I trained to numerous types, the main ones being: traditional French and foreign dances, Eurythmy, Irene Popart dance, Danse Libre with Malkovsky, Danse Vivante with Jean Serry, Argentinian tango with Yannick Laval, oriental dancing with May Kazan, gypsy dances with Melisjane, Kinomichi, contemporary dancing with Kilina Cremona and Roger Meguin, Systéma, curing haka with Ojasvin, Wutao, Longo, dervish dances with Fawzia, trance dance with Veronique Pioch…). I have let myself be sculpted by each one of them, not letting any of them freeze me.
  • I have a mid-wife diploma, obtained in 1981 in Dijon.
  • I am certified in:
    • Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy (5 years of training) by ARIEC, since 2004.
    • Sports coaching by Ecosport, since 2011.
    • Convergence coaching by Kishori Aird, since 2012.
    • Sexual Grounding Therapy (1st year)
  • I have followed training courses on
    • Bach Flower Remedies
    • Perineal rehabilitation with Bernadette de Gasquet, Blandine Calais Germain, Francine Doucet (Eutonia) and Dominique Trinh Dinh in CMP (Knowledge and Control of the Perineum).
    • Evolutive psychobiodynamics (1st year)
    • Sound yoga with Veronique and Denis Fargeot

Projects to which I significantly contributed

  • Creation of musical and dancing shows with Compagnie Circé, with music composed by Serge Folie
  • Creation of the ALYCCS association (Association LYonnaise pour Comprendre et Choisir sa Santé – Lyon association for the understanding and choice of health)
  • Creation of the Maison de la Parentalité et de la Naissance de Lyon (Lyon Parenting and Birth Centre) with the association La Cause des Parents
  • Opening of the first French school for Birth Companions (or doulas) with Vanina Goetgueluck

As a mid-wife, I’ve participated in

  • The research group on the Maisons de Naissance (Childbirth Houses) between 1999 and 2009.
  • The elaboration of mid-wife recommendations
  • The evaluation of practices with the Haute Autorité de Santé (French Health Authority)
  • The elaboration of a pregnancy guide edited by IRCEC

Passionate about the body, I have tried and loved many sports: ice-skating, skiing, horse-riding, judo, hiking, gliding, volleyball, gymnastics, tennis…

I am all that, and many more things as well. The best way to get to know me is to come and meet me, and follow me for the period that feels right for you.

I keep evolving, questioning myself, opening new possibilities and marveling on the limitlessness of Life. I feel like I am at the beginning of my path, yet when I look back, I can see that I have gone a long way already.

Où je vis

There it is! A small window on my universe!


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